Community Service Project

In 2017 we selected Tampa General Hospital Transplant Houses as our service project. Attendees donated items and made care packages for families staying at TGH.

TGH sees transplant patients from all over the country due to their reputation for having one of the busiest transplant centers with one of the highest average survival rates. To help assist these patients and their caregivers coming from out of town, TGH opened two Transplant Houses in 2014, right across the street from the hospital. Transplant patients and their families can stay at the houses free of charge, and within walking distance to the main hospital campus where they can see their physicians at any stage of their transplant – pre-transplant, immediate recovery, or post-transplant care.

The houses provide financial relief, comfort, and an inviting healing environment for transplant patients and families. When a patient gets a call that it is time to transplant, they head to TGH right away – and sometimes families arrive in the middle of the night. We aim to provide these families with a welcome bag containing toiletries, bottled water, snacks, puzzle books and pens, tissues, hand sanitizer, and anything else they may need to make their stay more comfortable.

During your stay at the Hilton for Planet Philanthropy, please consider donating your unused room toiletries, bottled water, and/or travel toothbrushes to stuff these welcome bags for the transplant families. You can also bring supplies with you that you can purchase at home before the conference.  You can also bring 1-2 puzzle books per person (easy to get from the dollar store), as well as pens, tissues, and hand sanitizer.

This is a chance for us to affect the Tampa Bay area as well as people from all over the world through Philanthropy!

Thank you for being a part of this project!!!

For more information about the transplant houses, please click the picture below.